My Basic Obsession

This past weekend summoned the unofficial commencement of Autumn, and basic girls around the world just like me, rejoiced in unison. Aside from rushing to the nearest Starbucks to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, dusting off the Uggs and infinity scarves, and finding every slightly orange tinted leaf to take a selfie with, it is also the time to spark our unity with the season by lighting our favorite Fall scented candles.

Though I still love social media, reality tv, and the occasional Taco Bell binge, I like to think at age 30, I am officially a grown ass adult woman. For that reason, I am proud to say I have cast aside the Bath & Body Works candles of my youth, and graduated to candles worthy of my age, grace, and sophistication: Nest Candles.

While I would like to stake claim at this discovery, that would simply be a lie, and I can’t handle that kind of backlash from the Universe. Truth be told, one of my Autumn-loving soul sisters introduced me to these incredible candles at the beginning of the “chosen season” last year, and I haven’t looked back.

In addition to placing them erratically carefully throughout my house, I have also discovered that they make the most incredible gifts for every occasion… random thank yous, housewarming, birthday, shower, hostess, you name it, Nest candles have you covered, and chances are the gift receiver is now hooked on these incredible candles too. **Bonus: because they are fully Amazon prime stocked, your gift receiver will receive them in two days.**

To be honest, I have not yet discovered a Nest candle scent I don’t love, but these are my five Fall favorites: (P.S. Don’t be “spooked” …see what I did there?… by the price, they last longer than any candle I’ve ever owned.)

1. Pumpkin Chai


What is more basic than this? My house smells like a fricken pumpkin pie, bringing my UGGs and pumpkin spice hair alive.

2. Moroccan Amber


When you want it to be 55* with a chance of fireplace dog snuggles and chili cooking on the stove, but it’s actually 90*, with a chance of sweat induced passing out, this is your perfect transitional season candle. The amber insinuates Fall, but the touch of eucalyptus let’s your houseguests *believe you’re not actually insane.

3. Hearth


(As seen in the photo above) Smells of smoky embers and rich mahogany. (I maybe went a little overboard on the second part, Ron Burgundy). But you get it. This is exactly what you want your house to smell like as the leaves begin to fall. *Bonus: I’ve heard Santa is drawn to this scent, if you want to keep it burning as the leaves turn to snow.

4. Apricot Tea


Apricots are orange, like our favorite seasonal leaves, but the white wax and clear glass, make this your go to candle for your guest room. The black tea and amber accents to this scent make you dream of creating a leaf angel.

5. Sahara Spice


What’s spicier than Autumn? Answer: nothing. Sandalwood, ginger, and vanilla make this scent the nose fantasy you’ve dreamt of for ages.


2 thoughts on “My Basic Obsession

  1. I’m obsessed with scented candles and have never heard of these! These scents sound right up my alley!


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