Feeling Creative in Lexington, KY: Abstract Painting Class

Instagram (and social media, in general) is an incredible tool. It allows us to keep up with our family and friends, near and far, but it also grants us a view into the world, locally and globally.

It was a typical Friday night for my boyfriend and me: wine in hand, HGTV on the television, and mindless Instagram scrolling, when I discovered @kaylaweberart would be hosting an abstract painting workshop at the Barn at Springhouse– just minutes away from house. On a whim, we decided to sign up, and we’re so glad we did! 

First of all, I have driven past Springhouse Gardens a million times, but I never knew that tucked behind the greenhouse, was the hidden gem that is the Barn. It is a perfect venue to enable the creative juices, but it would also be a great location for weddings and parties.

Upon arrival, Kayla greeted us with a smile and warmth, that immediately put this admitted non-artist at ease. We were then given our canvases and directed to easels equipped with everything we would need to complete our masterpieces.  Each attendee was also given a palette with white and gray paint, and from there we were able to choose our favorite colors from a wide selection to add.

Kayla conveniently placed many of her originals around the barn for inspiration, and she started our class with helpful tips and tricks to ensure our artistic success.


From there (with tons of help from Kayla along the way) we were off and running on our own pieces.

It was amazing how much our paintings evolved from the beginning, but after much trial and error and a lot of paint, we are both delighted with our finished products!



P.S. if you’re tassel obsessed (like me) and ballin’ on a budget (like me) I snagged this dress on Amazon for a price that you’ll be willing to risk splattering paint all over it.

**Equestrian friends, Kayla is well-versed in equine paintings and accepts commission art. Visit her website to view her pieces and to contact her about painting your horse!

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