Never make a late night trip to the drugstore again, get all your horse show essentials on Amazon Prime

We’ve all been there… we arrive to the horse show, only to discover we are out of bobby pins, hair nets, hairspray, you name it. What if there was a way to avoid those panic-stricken late night runs to fill your valets and caboodles with everything you need? There is, thank you Amazon Prime! Read below to see how I fully stocked my valet using only Amazon.

  1.  Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins: whether you’re using them to create your bun or hold onto your hat, you will need them, and no matter how many you buy, you will ALWAYS need more. The MetaGrip Bronze Premium Bobby Pins Bronze are my absolute favorite, and I love how they are contained in this brilliant organizer.

2.  Large Bobby Pins

Large Bobby Pins

Large bobby pins are the foundation of every good bun. Don’t let a fallen bun ruin your epic performance. I choose the Goody Styling Essentials Bobby Pins as my go to.

3.  Hair Nets

Hair Nets

These are becoming harder and harder to locate. I like to stock up because you never know when you or a barn mate will be in dire need. These work well for your bun, and/or the lunch lady look.

4.  Hair Pins

hair pins.jpg

Ahhhhh, the sweet styler of buns. Where the bobby pins give you the hold, the hair pins give you the art of a perfect bun. Don’t leave your valet or caboodle without these. I love the hold these pins give, plus they come in a convenient organizer.

5. Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Much like bobby pins, hair ties/pony tail holders/elastics, whatever you choose to call them, have a way of disappearing. I like the hold of these both for horse show buns and the obligatory post show messy bun.

6. Hair BrushHair Brush.jpgThough we’d all like to think that we will remember to take our regular brush back and forth to the hotel, we also all know that’s simply impractical, if not impossible. This brush fits nicely in my valet, but also gets the job done pre and post bun. (Plus you can choose your favorite color… personally I always choose blue for blue ribbons… anything helps, right?)

7.  Hair Barettes


If you’re into the over bun (like me), you will need a barrette to perfectly accomplish the look. These are my barrettes of choice because they actually accommodate my giant mane, while still sleekly fitting under my bun unnoticed.

8.  Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Hair spray: the glue that holds your bun together and keeps fly-aways at bay. I like Rave because it is the OG of strong-hold hair spray– if it was the choice of 80s big hair, it should be your choice for your buns… plus the STRONG-hold comes with a cheap price… can’t. beat. it.

9. Safety Pins

Safety Pins

Need to pin your number on? Pin your coattails back? Avoid an impending wardrobe malfunction on your post show outfit? (I’ve used safety pins for all these uses and more!) I like the variety of sizes and organizer these come in. An absolute necessity for your valet or caboodle.

10. Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

**Personal pet peeve alert** I don’t care whether you’re an equitation rider or not, PLEASE tape your boots! No one wants to see that boot line on your perfectly altered suit.

11. Number Magnets

number magnets

My best guess is, I have hundreds of number magnets having a party with the thousands of bobby pins and hair ties I’ve lost over the years. You should definitely order at least a couple sets of these, unless you want to troll the warm up ring with a metal detector.

12.  Tie Bars

tie bars

Another horse show necessity that seems to disappear… tie bars. I like these because the screw on balls are square, so they can’t roll and hide as easily as the devilish round version. This set comes in silver and gold to perfectly match any outfit you’re wearing.

13. Studs and Cufflinks

Stud Set

If you show in a formal/tuxedo, chances are you need studs and cufflinks. I love this set because it goes with any combination, and at this price point, you won’t cry if you lose any of the pieces.

14.  Earrings


It’s a best practice to keep a spare set of show earrings in your valet or caboodle in case you forgot your earrings, or the pair you have in are not show ring appropriate. This pair has just enough sparkle to complete your look, but are in no way over the top.

15.  Gloves


Who knew you could get my FAVORITE Ariat gloves on Amazon?! I love these because the velcro wristband means no taping required, and they truly fit like a glove. (See what I did there?)

16. Body Wipes

body wipes.jpg

Let’s face it, whoever decided showing horses in a three-piece wool suit in the dead of summer was either insane or a brilliant practical joker… no one is feeling super fresh post show. I love the scent of these body wipes, and the way they make me feel *not as gross* post show.

17. Deodorant


**Retweet point made in #16**

18. Socks for when you’re feeling magical

unicorn socks.jpg

I’m guilty of forgetting socks almost every time I show, so I keep multiple pairs in my valet. I’ll buy pretty much anything with a unicorn on it, so of course I own unicorn socks.

19. Socks for when you realize your horse is actually your spirit animal

hate socks.jpg

Let’s face it, sometimes your horse is the only “person” that truly “gets” you.

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    1. Great list! Truly all the essentials…including the socks!

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